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Geranium is Magical!

February 20th, 2020

Skin relief has been one of our best sellers since the day I launched it.  

I’m really happy about that, however, it shows how many dogs are suffering from itchy skin, and environmental allergies sadly. If you haven’t read my blog yet about bathing your dog, go and have a look over here >>> https://www.vitacanis.co.uk/itchy-dog-why-you-must-bath-your-dog-more-not-less/.   It also shows that many dog owners are reaching for a natural approach when managing symptoms of environmental allergies.

Geranium is magical!

This is what one of my clients had to say…

My 14-year-old westie has suffered from allergies resulting in itchy skin and yeast build-up for most of her life. Although well-controlled with a nonsteroidal medication and an anti-fungal shampoo, these past couple of years have been quite bad. Her little paws, especially, became swollen and infected.

Reluctant to get yet more antibiotics, Vita Canis was recommended and after reading about the products I decided to try Skin Relief. I have to say, I was worried that she might be allergic to one of the ingredients, so I only tried it on one of her paws first, putting it on with a cotton pad and using a cotton bud to get in between her toes.

It gave her instant relief and within 3 days the improvement was remarkable. The swelling has gone down her skin has healed and looks so much healthier. She’s no longer struggling when walking and is back to her happy frisky self. I use it once in the morning and once at night after washing her feet and have also started using Paw Butter at night. This seems to soften her paws and keep the yeast build-up in check. I honestly cannot recommend this product enough and it’s such a relief to have found something that works.
Thank you so much.

Emily Mathewson, UK

Why am I improving the formula then, if it works?

My John suffers from itchy skin occasionally – I don’t think he’s allergic to anything but that in his case, it’s actually stress-related. As we know, everything in the body is related. So it makes sense that stress affects the skin. Stress activates the conversion of cortisone to cortisol. It is a steroid hormone, and its release is increased in response to stress. Then increases blood sugar and also suppresses the immune system. Cortisol then accumulates in the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) and disturbs its barrier function.

I suggested Skin Relief to John because of its cooling, analgesic and local anaesthetic action that it provides (thanks to the peppermint essential oil). The anaesthetic action is so significant that when Skin Relief is applied a dog stops scratching or nibbling pretty much immediately…and so did John! The relief, however, didn’t last long so I felt that I needed to add something to improve the healing property of the spray.

After some research, I decided on adding geranium essential oil.

Geranium is magical! Geranium essential oil doesn’t only have a lovely aroma but it also has a lot of benefits for the skin:

It is an antihistamine essential oil.
Prevents tissue degeneration and promotes healing of wounds.
Destroys and inhibits odours.
It has antiseptic properties.
Balances the skins natural oil production.
It has a sedative and uplifting effect on the nervous system. 

What happened next?

After adding geranium essential oil to Skin Relief John’s skin improved significantly! It so happened that my friend then approached me for a remedy to help her dog that was suffering from environmental allergies and she asked for something stronger or slightly different from Skin Relief. I took this opportunity to send her the new and improved formula and it worked!

Fighting environmental allergies is a constant battle as allergens are all around us. Allergens aren’t limited to a certain season of the year anymore.  Supporting the immune system and removing allergens from the coat and skin can help while bathing also provides immediate relief. Find out what to look for when you are choosing a shampoo and how to make your own rinse here >>>


We are launching the new Skin Relief on Wednesday 26th.

Jitka xx

* Please note that Skin Relief and the advice above doesn’t replace veterinary care.


What People Say...

Amazing products and amazing customer service. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Thank you Vita Canis!
Michelle Stockman