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Is a Scottie the Dog for You?

November 2nd, 2019

I have a few different breeds myself but I would say that Scottie is the most comical breed I’ve ever had. Scotties expressions, their moves, the way they challenge us… even though it’s not always funny at the moment 🙈.

Mr Tank

We got our first Scottie, Mr. Tank, completely by accident. He was supposed to go to Mexico I think, or somewhere similar, and he was just going to stay with us for a few weeks to socialize, etc. Now, 8 years later, he’s still socializing with us lol 😂


Martha in her show career

Our second Scottie, Martha, came to us from Russia and from day one she was full on! Marina brought her in a crate, as she was traveling by bus for the day from Russia to the UK, and I remember thinking… poor puppy, she’ll come out all stressed and shy… but nope, not Martha! She sprung out of her travel box, ran and jumped around, all happy and confident with no sign of distress at all.

The moment we brought her home she took one look at the living room, jumped onto the sofa, then straight onto the puffy. From there she jumped onto the set of drawers and then onto the dining room table. It happened so fast that it looked like she was flying! John grabbed her, told her off and she looked at him with an expression on her face as if to say, ‘whatever’ and then did it again 😂. Over the year we’ve learned to recognize that expression as… nothing good is about to happen guys. It’s the same look when you call your dog and he/she looks at you, thinks for a second, then shoots off in the opposite direction.

Is a Scottie a dog for you?

Scotties, just like other terriers, are not for everyone in my opinion. They are indeed funny, loving, loyal and very independent… but on their own terms. Neither Mr. Tank nor Martha were very affectionate puppies… this only came later in age. Now they sit on our laps in the evenings, demand cuddles and push the other dogs away. My word of advice… if you take yourself very seriously, and you don’t like to be laughed at, don’t get a Scottie 😂.

Stripping, clipping, and little bit of both.

When it comes to grooming Scotties, they should be hand stripped. With hand stripping the coat will keep good colour and texture. Hand stripping is more labour, however. It’s harder and more time consuming and a lot of groomers don’t do it. The other alternatives are clipping or hand stripping simulation. I use this technique on Mr.Tank.

I use the Coat King on him to remove the undercoat and loose excessive top coat. The Coat King is not a hand stripping tool as it cuts the hair as well as pulls it and allows me to get loads out every time. I then scissor his body, to make it tidier or I use comb attachments. I then style the head and legs as normal.

Where to find Scottie lovers?

If you’re thinking about getting a Scottie puppy, or you already have one, there are a few clubs you can join: The Scottish Terrier Club England, South Wales Scottish Terrier Club, The West Of England Scottish Terrier Club, Midland Counties Scottish Terrier & West Highland White Terrier Club.

If you’re looking for a rescue Scottie or would like to support a Scottie rescue centre, look at Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme. They took part in Vita Canis Style to Rescue for the first time in April this year and we managed to raise almost £1000 for them. I’m so excited because they’re coming again next year too 😊.

And of course the endless Facebook pages and groups and Instagram profiles ❤️

Are you a Scottie owner? What do you love about your Scottie?

Jitka xx


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