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Make a Difference Day

October 24th, 2018


Just recently I found out that each year in the US they celebrate something called Make a Difference Day. It’s celebrated on the fourth Saturday in October and this year Make a Difference Day falls on Saturday, October 27th. Make a Difference Day is the largest national day of community service and is a celebration of neighbours helping neighbours. The event was created by the USA WEEKEND magazine in 1992.

Where we live, we only have one neighbour, which is really good 😊 … with many dogs and a boarding kennel as well, you don’t want to be surrounded by too many other houses. Thankfully we do get on really well and we help each other when we can.

But when I found out about Make a Difference Day, it got me thinking about what difference I am making and what else we all can do? I really hope my products are making difference in the lives of the dogs and their owners’, to live happier and healthier thanks to natural care.

Vita Canis Style to Rescue made a difference to the rescue centres and their dogs as we were able to donate over £4,400. We’re already preparing for next year’s event and have 42 competitors signed up, and a few stands booked too! I’m also hoping to get some really good speakers for next year to add to the programme. And the heart warming bonus is that the rescue centres that came this year; Hessa’s Homeless Hounds, Many Tears, and Wheels To Paws UK, are coming again next year. Yay!!

A few days ago I found another way I could make a difference when I saw this post on Facebook:

My first ecobrick is growing slowly, and that’s good

“It’s taken me nearly three weeks to fill one bottle with un-recyclable plastic. Every week we were having to throw out so much plastic that couldn’t be recycled which in my eyes is just criminal. Our world is being destroyed by plastic and our wildlife killed. It’s not right. When I found out about ‘Ecobricks’ I immediately got on board. All you have to do is fill an empty water bottle with clean, dry un-recyclable plastic and these can then be used to build indoor furniture, gardens, structures… the list goes on. The amount I have crammed into this one bottle is crazy!! Would be amazing for as many people as possible to get on board and start making ecobricks too, we need to all take responsibility for our wonderful world and do our bit to make a positive change. #ecobricks

Info on how to get involved and a full list of the currently available drop off locations is available on the ‘Ecobricks UK’ Facebook page. Please have a look and give them a like!
*The website www.ecobricks.org has currently crashed due to such a high volume of people trying to access it since my post, so please be patient – the team are working on it.

All info is posted on the ‘Ecobricks UK’ Facebook page. Since my post went viral they have had a sudden influx of new members so it’s taking the admin members some time to get all the FAQs set up. There is a full list of the currently available drop off points across the UK on the Facebook page.

Remember, to make a good quality ecobricks, fill it with clean, dry and un-recyclable plastic ONLY and make sure you jam pack it all in to make it as heavy and dense as possible.

Make changes to your weekly shop by reducing the amount of plastic you buy where possible. It’s best not to buy any plastic at all in the first place however, this is extremely difficult in this day and age I know!! So, buy as little plastic as possible and recycle whatever you can before making your ecobrick (lots of plastics that usually get thrown in the bin can be recycled at most of the big supermarkets) e.g. plastic carrier bags, freezer bags, stretchy plastic, the bags the toilet rolls come in, plastic bread bags, plastic magazine wrapping, thin bags for fruit and veg – please recycle these where possible and just use the non-recyclable plastic for your eco brick.

If you are planning a school/community project once you have enough filled ecobricks, there is a lot of ideas available on google images if you do some searching.

I hope all this helps you on your ecobrick journey!”

I am already filling a bottle with unrecyclable plastics. I’m happy to say that there are not many in our household, but still there is some … and it’s annoying. Why must a bunch of bananas be sold in a plastic bag? Or avocados? Or apples, or even wrapped up broccoli next to unwrapped ones?

Well, anyway … I will carry on making a difference the way I can, and to do my best. I think if we all do this, our planet will at least have a fighting chance.

How about you?

Jitka xx



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