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Meeting Cherry

July 4th, 2019

This month is all about puppies coming and going. The little Scotties are old enough to go to their new homes. This brings sad and happy moments combined so it’s definitely bitter-sweet. It’s sad to see them go as they are such a lovely bunch of cuteness – even when they bite my shoelaces and hang on my trousers –  but it’s nice to see the new owners so excited and to see the love they have for their new puppy. Good luck to our little chubbies in their new homes! ❤️

John & I are taking some well needed time off this month and driving to Slovakia to visit my family. The main reason why we’re driving is that we’re taking a Chihuahua puppy for my mum! I don’t know who’s more excited, me or my mum and dad!

After they lost our last dog a few years ago, which was a Miniature Schnauzer named Indy, mum didn’t want another dog. She didn’t want the responsibility and was also worried about walking a dog on the icy roads in the winter. As a result, for a few years, she just looked after her friends’ dogs while they were on holiday. Thing is, that every time she had a little holidaymaker with her, she lit up because she had somebody to look after, walk and play with… a little project, something to occupy her and something to entertain her.

I tried to convince her that a little dog would be good for them both, but there were always arguments like who would look after him/her if they came to visit me? What if my dad leaves the door open and the dog escapes? How will the regular holidaymakers react and how was she going to walk her/him in winter when worrying about falling?  

Now… because I’m a clever girl (I take after my mum), I came up with a solution to the problem and if you find a solution it’s not a problem… right?
Soooo, we decided that if my mum comes to visit, my sister will look after the dog. I’m sure her two cats won’t mind as they’re used to dogs. The regular doggie visitors are pretty sociable and they’ll have to accept the new arrival. I actually think that they’ll all get on very well.

A pen or crate is a great solution too if she is worried about the little dog sneaking out while dad’s going out. And winter times? If it’s a small breed, it can get plenty of exercise indoors on the grass area behind the block of flats, so no need to go on the icy pavement. Anything else? LOL 

One of mums holidaymakers is a Chihuahua and both of my parents fell in love with her for a few obvious reasons. She’s small so she can’t pull my mum on walks, she’s quiet (I thought Chiwies were yappy but apparently they actually aren’t), she’s affectionate but not too clingy and needy and can be happy on her own if mum goes out shopping.

This was the breed for them! Yay! So, I started researching. Originally I wanted to get a rescue Chiwie because I know lovely Rosie and Stan who come to me for boarding and they are so adorable but the problem would be with the house check and other procedures rescue organisations follow. Then I started to search for a breeder. I wanted a well-bred, healthy, strong little dog with a good temperament.

By this time my mum knew I was getting her a dog. After an initial, “no way, no, maybe, probably, ok then” she started to become very excited. My Dad too and that surprised me the most 😊. I thought he would have an angry outburst stating that it’s a stupid idea and that they’re too old for it, etc. but he didn’t and he agreed that a little four-legged addition would be lovely.

Then in stepped the Law of attraction and I came across Liga Rimovica on one of the dog grooming groups where she was looking for an ear cleaner for her chihuahua girl who had had small pups. Somebody had recommended my Ear Cleaner and tagged me. You know when you get that feeling, this is the person, these are the dogs? Well I did and so we started chatting, I really like her dogs, her approach & beliefs but ultimately it was up to my mum to choose the puppy.

Firstly mum went for a chocolate dog but then she changed her mind to a black and white little girl who is beautiful!! It’s actually a colour I’ve never seen before on a Chiwie. She’s nice and compact, has a good build and has a beautiful temperament.

When my mum was here, about 8 weeks ago, we went to visit Liga and we were so impressed with her little pack of Chiwies. They were all so well behaved, sociable and funny and for the first time, my mum had a chance to hold little Cherry. It was so sweet seeing them together. 
So now, everybody is excited about our new addition 😊! I can’t wait to pick her up next week and then pack the van with puppy pads, food, toys and of course the Calming Floral Spray to make the journey easier.

Liga did a great job training little Cherry to be in a crate so it won’t be a shock for her. With an overnight stop in Germany and regular stops during the day, it will take us two days to get home and I can’t wait to see my parents meeting Cherry. My heart melts when I think about it!
I think this little dog will definitely enrich my parents’ life. Research into the health benefits of owning a dog is now well established, especially for elderly people I think. Dog ownership even increases survival rates after heart attacks – thankfully not relevant to my parents though.
Did you know that it’s been found to:

❤︎ Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
❤︎ Decrease blood pressure and stress
❤︎ Increase physical activity
❤︎ Increase feelings of well-being
❤︎ Lower rates of depression by elevating the levels of serotonin and dopamine.  
❤︎ Helps to feel less lonely
❤︎ Helps promote social interaction with other people
❤︎ May reduce the demand for medical care for non-serious health issues
❤︎ Pets have been shown to build self-esteem, increase mental alertness and lift the spirits of people with Alzheimer’s disease.
❤︎ Seniors also tend to care for themselves better when they own a pet.
Do you have any happy stories about a dog and an elderly person that you’d like to share?
P.S. Before I leave you, if you haven’t read up about the exciting fund-raiser I’m embarking on yet click here to read all about it!  With your donations, we will be able to make such a difference for those in need.


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