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Paw Butter & Hand Butter

£11.75 £10.00

Buy 1 Paw Butter and 1 Hand Butter for £10, a saving of £1.75.

Utterly butterly duo for you & your dog.


This semi solid whipped butter with essential oils is formulated for dry cracked paws, noses and elbows. 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free Paw Butter has a pleasant earthy aroma. UK made Paw Butter is deeply moisturising and nourishing, lick-safe, with no synthetic ingredients and fragrances.


A semi solid whipped butter with essential oils which soothes and moisturises dry skin. Hand Butter is 100% natural, without parabens, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances.
Hand Butter is formulated with moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil, skin revitalising carrot seed essential oils and German chamomile essential oil used for sensitive skin and itchy conditions.
This vegan & cruelty free butter is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving hands amazingly soft. Naturally hydrating sooth rough and cracked skin.