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The Autumn Bundle


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In the Autumn Bundle you can find:

♥ Calming Floral Spray 100ml ♥ Comfort Blend ♥ Paw Butter


And you will love the £3.65 saving.

In the Autumn Bundle you will find the Calming Floral Spray, Comfort Blend and Paw Butter.

Event though Autumn is a lovely season of the year, especially when it is dry, sunny and crispy… When we get the woolly jumpers out, poor a hot chocolate in the evening and put some warming stones in our oil burners, like Mulled Wine or Amber Sun…
Unfortunately many dog owners associate autumn with dreaded fireworks.

If your dog is scared of fireworks, You’re not alone as there are a lot of dogs that suffer from the fear of fireworks.

Firstly to help your dog deal with this stressful situation you can create a safe zone at home. Secondly close windows and curtains and leave a TV or radio on. Thirdly you can also distract your dog with toys and games. Moreover aromatherapy can help to calm and balance the nervous system and restore peace. Over the years, two products from Vita Canis have proven to be very helpful when it comes to the fear of fireworks. The Calming Floral Spray and Comfort Blend both have natural calming and balancing qualities providing ultimate relaxation for stressed dogs.

‘I used the Calming Floral Spray earlier in the evening when we had a few fireworks nearby and it chilled out my dogs.’ Rhian Young, UK

And the Paw Butter in the new bundle gets the pads healed, treats the cracks and dryness. When the skin is dry and looses its flexibility, cracks may appear and, especially on paws. The cracks are then like a gateway for unwanted dirt and debris to entre the skin. And also irritating grid later in the year.