The Feel Good Bundle


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In the Feel Good Bundle  you can find:
Small flower oil burner ♥ Jar of Scented Stones  ♥ Orgonite Space Harmoniser ♥ Hand Butter ♥ 2 tealight candles
You can choose from our selection of  Scented Stones, the colour of your Oil Burner and Orgonite space harmoniser.
And you will love the £4.98 saving .

Ceramic oil burner with stylish flower prints design in green, pink, terracotta or duck egg colour. Just add scented stones of your choice in the top, place a tealight candle underneath and enjoy.

Orgonite space harmonizers are not only pretty they also naturally harmonise their local environment by cleansing stagnant and negative energy to create a positive energy. Orgonites help make you and your pet feel better and sleep better in a pure and clean climate.

Hand Butter is a semi solid whipped butter with essential oils which soothes and moisturises dry skin acts as an outstanding moisture barrier against dehydration and harsh environment. After the application the skin feels extremely comfortable and well hydrated.
Take a small amount and blending it between your fingers first and then apply on your hands, elbows, face…this will prevent any risk of applying too much and making it too heavy.


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