The Relax Me Bundle


In the Relax Me Bundle you can find:

Aromatic Dog Spray Floral 100ml ♥ Comfort Blend 100ml ♥ 2 Orgonite Space harmonisers

You can choose the colour of your Orgonite Space Harmoniser.

And you will love the £7.38 saving.

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The Relax Me Bundle was bundled up together to help your dog (and you) to relax, to help with anxiety, distress, sadness, or having difficulty adjusting to unfamiliar circumstances. Orgonite space harmonizers are not only pretty they also naturally harmonise their local environment by cleansing stagnant and negative energy to create a positive energy. Orgonites help make you and your pet feel better and sleep better in a pure and clean climate.

The Relax Me Bundle contains:

Calming Floral Spray  100ml

Comfort Blend 100ml

Orgonite Space Harmonizer 2



“After booking a 10 day holiday for the first time without my dogs I was extremely anxious to leave them as previously having stayed in kennels for only two nights they had been in utter pieces upon my return. I tested the aromatic dog spray in my salon for nervous dogs and was pleasantly surprised at the results. So I purchased the relax me bundle and scented stones along with a burner. I used them on a regular basis for two weeks before leaving and oh my goodness, the beautiful scents in my house are truely irresistible. I asked my house/dog sitter to carry on regularly appling the comfort blend oil to their chests and beds and spritzing the spray whilst we were away and I couldn’t believe how content and destressed my dogs were upon my return. Its a miracle worker in my opinion. One very happy returning customer, thank you Jitka. ”

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