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The Winter Bundle


In the Winter Bundle you can find:

❤️ Calming Floral Spray 100ml ❤️ Paw Butter ❤️ Hand Butter


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Vita Canis Winter Bundle is a bundle of 100% natural remedies for you and your dog.

In the Winter Bundle you can find Paw Butter for your dog and Hand Butter for you. And also Calming Floral Spray for both of you.

I fill a small wicker basket with cream cut shredded paper. Then I carefully place in the Paw Butter, Hand Butter and Calming Floral Spray.

And what do I use for the cover… cellophane film and a stylish ribbon. I’ve been doing some research and to my surprise, I found out that cellophane is not a plastic! Who knew?!

Pause and think of paws.

When winter comes, and the temperature drops below 0 °C water freezes into ice, making the pavements and roads slippery and dangerous.
The salt and grit that are spread on the roads make the roads safer, there’s no doubt about that.

With all this in mind, how would you feel walking with your bare feet that have a few cracks on your heals on salty (never mind cold) roads? Why is it any different when it comes to our dogs?

Small, delicate doggies, such as the Chihuahua and other toy breeds, are known for their sensitive paws. Just the same, lean dogs, like Greyhounds, Whippets, and similar breeds are also more likely to have sensitive paws.

On the other hand, dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Spitz like dogs and Pastoral breeds have paws that are hardier and more ‘outdoorsy’. Although this is true we should still keep an eye on their paws too.

Our dogs can suffer from the same problem on their paws just as we can suffer from sore, dry cracks on our hands or feet.
By using Vita Canis Paw Butter, which is deeply moisturising and nourishing, you’ll help to create a barrier on your dog’s paws.


” With the current hand washing that we have to adhere to my hands feel like sandpaper, I have only applied it twice and I can already feel some relief! Hand Butter  is small enough to carry around in my pocket.  Whilst I am working at the animal rescue centre. I really like  the Hand Butter! Thank you Jitka xxx”

Inger Gebhard, DBRAC, UK

Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray has a natural calming and balancing quality, therefore providing ultimate relaxation for your dog.
This vegan and cruelty free blend of essential oils and hydrosols, helps your dog to deal with stress the natural way.
Calming floral spray is great for firework fear, motion sickness, adjusting to new environments, visits to vets and dog groomers.
Highly recommended by dog professionals.

Vita Canis Paw Butter is a  semi solid whipped butter with essential oils is formulated for dry cracked paws, noses and elbows. 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free Paw Butter has a pleasant earthy aroma. UK made Paw Butter is deeply moisturising and nourishing, lick-safe, with no synthetic ingredients and fragrances.

Vita Canis Hand Butter is a  semi solid whipped butter with essential oils which soothes and moisturises dry skin. Hand Butter is 100% natural, without parabens, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances.
Hand Butter is formulated with moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil, skin revitalising carrot seed essential oils and German chamomile essential oil used for sensitive skin and itchy conditions.
This vegan & cruelty free butter is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving hands amazingly soft. Naturally hydrating sooth rough and cracked skin.

What People Say...

Just to let you know we LOVE the Comfort Blend we got from you at Crufts. The girls love the smell and try to lick it, and I find walks are a lot calmer these days. THANK YOU!! Calming Floral Spray is next on my list and maybe a burner with some stones.”
Savannah and Jasmine are  two lovely Italian Greyhounds, and you can find them on Instagram @sister.iggies.ig