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At Vita Canis, not only do we hand-make and sell 100% Natural Products for dogs and their owners, but we also offer a number of Courses as well as a variety of Services including Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding, and Teeth Cleaning.

My services have evolved ‘organically’ and have come about from my absolute passion for natural care and my great love of animals.

As with my philosophy for my products, I strive to ensure that our Vita Canis service offerings are always focused on a positive experience for the dogs (and their owners’) and that we create a loving and comfortable environment for the dog’s to enjoy healthier and happier lives, whether it’s for grooming, boarding or teeth cleaning.

Dog Grooming

Because of my back problems, I’ve now retired from dog grooming however I am still around. At Vita Canis, you can still make an appointment with 3 very talented ladies: Klaudia, Zuzka and Lisa.

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Dog Boarding

We opened the boarding kennels in 2012 because of the high demand from our dog grooming clients. The dogs already knew us from their grooming sessions and were familiar with us and our premises so the boarding service just came about naturally.

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Teeth Cleaning

Our newest service on offer. The Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning system is non-invasive and effective. It enables you to keep your own dog’s teeth and gums healthy and as a pet professional it enables you to keep your clients’ dogs healthy. The Emmi-Pet can also give you a whole new income stream to add to your business.

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What People Say...

Amazing products and amazing customer service. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Thank you Vita Canis!
Michelle Stockman