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Keep Calm and Keep Walking

November 2nd, 2019

Tips how to clean your dog after a muddy walk.

The weather was unbelievably beautiful when we were in Slovakia a couple of weeks ago. It was crispy and a bit foggy in the mornings but temperatures during the day were around 20°C. Colours red, orange and dark green were seen everywhere and the mountains around the town looked like they been painted by an impressionist ❤️

Dog walks are really enjoyable for everyone in weather like this and after walk care is a piece of cake… no mud and no debris on their little feet, so a quick wipe with a towel is enough.

Then… we arrived back home 🙈

Even though the weather in the UK was dry the footpaths were a bit muddy, especially one part where the cows move from the field to their night time accommodation. In some places it’s so deep that I have to carry the Scotties, Mr Tank and Martha because they can get stuck with their short legs. It actually happened before and it was quite comical. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t laugh in front of them (obviously) 😊.

I’m very lucky that I have a grooming salon next to our house, so I can give everyone’s paws a quick shower after a muddy walk but when I didn’t have this opportunity, I had to plan ahead with a few things…

Plan ahead with a few things…


Having a pile of clean towels handy is definitely necessary. You don’t want to be searching for towels while your muddy dog is running in a hallway. 

A bucket and a sponge with lukewarm water

If for any reason you can’t put your dog straight into a shower, get a tub of water and a sponge ready before you leave. When you get back, put each foot in the tub and use the sponge to clean between the pads and toes and dry with a clean towel afterwards. If the feet are extremely muddy, you may need to change the water. Make sure to dry the feet thoroughly as the wet and warm environment between pads and toes make an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and yeast. Although bacteria are good at adapting to their environments, certain conditions promote bacterial growth more than others. Some of these conditions include temperature and moisture.

Extra Tip

If your pup has furry legs, don’t rub the coat with the towel and instead, just keep squeezing. Consistent rubbing can cause matting. Also, a quick but thorough brush with a comb will help prevent knots in your dog’s coat.

Plan the walk based on the weather

Dry days are the perfect time to discover new routes that will help your dog stay clean during the wet weather.

Keep hair and nails short

Excessive hair between pads and toes as well as long nails, like to hold a lot of mud and debris on your dog’s feet, so sometimes it make the actual walking uncomfortable for the dog. This is especially bad if we don’t clean them properly after muddy walks. Mud then hardens and presses on our dog’s pads. Dogs try to chew it out, or keep licking their paws and it just increases paw irritation. If you are not confident enough when it comes to trimming your dog’s paws, pop in to your local groomer and ask them to trim your dog’ pads, cut the hair between the toes and trim the nails. This will not only make your cleaning easier but your dog will be more comfortable.

Paw Butter & Soothing Antiseptic Spray

Have Paw Butter and Soothing Antiseptic Spray handy – in the winter months, when the footpaths are icy and the roads are full of grit, I put a layer of Paw Butter on my dog’s pads as well as in between them. The Paw Butter leaves behind a nice silky film and protects the paws and pads from the build-up of snow and grit. If I see any scratches on my dog’s feet, after a clean I spray them with Soothing Antiseptic Spray. Soothing Antiseptic Spray is an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic treatment which provides relief from scratches and has a regenerative effect on damaged skin.

Vita Canis Paw Butter is a semi solid whipped butter with essential oils which soothes and moisturises paws and dry skin e.g. elbows, near nose, etc.

Some other tips:

Winter clothes for your dog

I used to have an overall for my Kerry Kimi when I used to show her and she was in full coat but now I can’t imagine dressing 7 dogs before each walk 🙈. I found washing easier, but that’s just my opinion and only because I’ve got the facilities.

Zip-up dog bag

Zip-up dog bags are made from a very absorbent material and cover the entirety of your muddy pup so you can be sure that your car will remain clean after a muddy walk

Have some towels in your car instead of disposable wipes

It’s definitely more environmentally friendly especially now that we know that wipes contain plastic.

And Lastly… don’t have carpets, lol, and especially not in the hall way 😂


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